We plant churches personally and in teamwork with dedicated local pastors.By faith since 1987, seeing souls saved has been upheld by God's grace and devoted partners' unwavering dedication and support.Your partnership and prayers are needed, especially with so many "open doors" for the Gospel in Asia.You can email us at [email protected]

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Plant a Church for $900

We personally plant churches, and we plant churches with National Pastor by providing training, 100 Bibles, 100 Discipleship books, and livelihood-type equipment for the Pastor's family to provide support while their offerings are growing.The Pastors concentrate on reaching people for Christ and establishing a church while their family supports the new work with this livelihood or tent-making income. Every year we have 10 to 20 Pastors ready to plant new churches. On average, each new church is self-supporting within twelve months.And these new churches reach souls in Asia's most receptive and hardest-to-reach areas.

Provide Bibles - $2 each

Bibles for our new discipleship are one of the greatest needs we have.For most, it is their first Bible. It's impossible to explain how they take hold of the Word of God. In America, many Christian homes have plenty of Bibles.Providing Bibles is so appreciated and only costs $2 per Bible.

Train Pastors to Start a Church

Our Church Planting training prepares Pastors and their wives to establish a brand new church.Being ready for evangelism, discipleship and new Believers is important in getting the church self-supporting. There are many pressures and persecution they be ready to endure. Please pray and help these wonderful, fearless couples plant a new church.

Medical Dental Outreach

Volunteer Christian doctors, nurses, and dentists go into villages and neighborhoods, where we are planting a new church, and conduct free medical and dental clinics providing diagnosis and relief of pain.Then members of the local church witness and disciple the new believers drawn to the church by the clinic. Every year, thousands come to faith in Christ through this ministry.And a follow-up program trains selected church members to provide continuing care and promote healthy practices in nutrition, water contamination prevention, childbirth, birth control, medicine, and more.

More about the Honeycutts

John Honeycutt accepted Jesus Christ as Saviour in 1960 and Cathy in 1971. John went to Asia as a teenager in 1972 as his parents were missionaries.
John and Cathy married in 1975 while in Baptist Bible College and have been in the ministry since 1977, being ordained in 1980. They have two daughters and one son, who are all adults.Church PlantingAfter ten years of ministry in the USA and responding to God’s calling in 1987 to the Philippines, John and Cathy have planted four churches in Metro Manila, one in Hong Kong, partnered in the USA to start two churches and partnered with over 500 National church planters in Asia to establish churches.World in Need International Baptist Mission is their Mission Agency. The Mission now consists of three sister organizations established by the Honeycutts with local Pastors to assist the continued church planter, to satisfy government requirements and to provide a secure way to transfer support for new churches.In recent years, “doors” have opened to minister to the Chinese, and they spend most of their time on this focus. They personally plant churches and partner with National Church planters.After being based in Hong Kong for many years, they are making Taiwan the center by establishing a new church there and a new Bible Institute.DiscipleshipJohn Honeycutt is the author of the “Journey” discipleship lessons used in over 24 countries. In accessible areas, when they start a church, it is with a trained team of nationals that are experienced soul-winners and disciplers.Partnering with National Church PlantersTheir partner church planters have completed training in their ministry or through their home church, and they have experience in pastoring and church planting.They have 30 days of outreach every day and church services every night. During that time, they win souls to Christ, conduct outreach Bible studies, gain one-on-one disciples, and have a church service every day. There are 30 objectives they are endeavoring to reach in the first 30 days.The objectives are the same in closed countries or areas, but the strategy differs.In addition, these new pastors believe in starting other churches with their own personnel and resources once they become self-supporting. Support is required to establish new churches.Financial support
In most countries, $900 will start a new church, providing total support for the pastor and his family for the first year and a half to give them a strong start.
Other MinistriesOther ministries included Medical-Dental Outreach Clinics, Adoptions, Livelihood Projects for Church Members, Training Community Medical Workers in partnership with the Red Cross, Church Buildings, and Discipleship Training.

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